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Global Solutions Group, is a privately held investment group and technology provider. Our primary focus is the worldwide forex market.

The Right Timing

We know more about the Foreign Exchange Market than any other trading company out there, we will hold your hand and walk you all across every single trade advising you exactly when to buy but more importantly when to sell , avoiding expiration dates and protecting profits early.

The Right Team

We offer one of the Top Research Departments in the World analyzing every technical and fundamental aspect on every single one of our Forex recommendations.

Institutional Trade.

We step in with every single one of our clients across the board on an institutional level guaranteeing our clients portfolio to get the Best Price Attainable in the markets , due to our short-term growth strategy we are one of the most Renowned and Quoted firm of the area.

Commercial Accounts


Superior proprietary tools to further maximize profits whilst minimizing losses including 70/30, trailing stop losses and trigger points. $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 monthly trading volume.


Superior proprietary tool to further maximize profits whilst minimizing losses including 70/30, trailing stop losses and trigger points. $501,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 monthly trading volume. 50% reduction in commissions.


Superior proprietary tool to further maximize profits whilst minimizing losses including 70/30, trailing stop losses and trigger points.  $1,000,001.00 and above, monthly trading volume. commission-free trading.

Why Global Solution Group?

New traders or seasoned professionals can experience the full suite of powerful trading technology, online brokerage services, and trading education all under one roof.


Cutting edge trading technology that provides power, reliability, and mobility


Spend your time trading, not wondering what it costs


Market insights, education, and resources for new and seasoned trader


You trade it. We have it.
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Global Solution Group has provided a unique perspective on how to establish a fully integrated Forex trading system powered off the psychology of the base-10 number system in our world. It's extremely interesting and definitely worth the read for new and old traders alike.

Ricardo Menjivar
( Italy)

Having a trading plan is essential for every trader. Your Theory and understanding its unique premise could help you formulate better your own trading plan for the currency markets. You have helped all of us tremendously! Your Quarters Theory totally revitalized my trading experience after many frustrating months of trying successfully to trade the "news".

Steve Meizinger
( Canada )

I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing your teachings with all of us, your patience and that, you truly care and want all of us to succeed. Thanks to you I now have a much better understanding about trading currencies and what to look for. I still have a long way to go as a trader, but since last November I have come a long way thanks to you. I believe that you have given me a solid foundation on which I can build a successful trading career.

Ashton Curly
( Canada )

Have the Global Solution Group’s Experience

We are the industry leaders with over 15 years’ experience.

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Address: Calle Ramon H. Jurado,
Panamá, Panama
Hours: 24/7 all year long.

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